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Your Price: Authorized Beam by Electrolux Dealer Call for pricing 215-766-2114
Item Number: 000304
Manufacturer: BEAM By ELECTROLUX
Beam's most compact power unit that still packs a punch. Designed for installation at locations where storeage space is at a premium, such as condominiums, town houses, apartments, this unit is still capable of quietly cleaning homes up to 3,500 sq feet.

*ATLIS Intake Technology
*Sealed Suction: 138" waterlift
*Air Flow: 122 CFM
*Air Power: 550 Air Watts
*Utility inlet provided on unit
*Filter: permenant, self-cleaning filter
*Motor: 120 volts, 14.3 max amps
*Size: 11" diameter 35" high
*4-gallon, semi-translucent dirt bucket made with anti-microbial plastic

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